Welcome to DataHush

DataHush is personal data and eMail security software. It allows secure eMail, secure files, escrow keys, and secure password storage. Multiple users can use the same machine to store passwords, escrow data and more.

The Beta Version of DataHush is finally ready for download!

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More about DataHush

DataHush is the new name for the Trantor encryption product, formerly called 'DataCrypt' or 'Crypt'. You might have heard about this during development. It's been in development since 1994. Why did we wait so long? Well, we released a few copies of the beta in 1996, but it was a big yawn back then. There were already products that were good enough for those who were interested and nobody else seemed to care!

We knew that the day would come when people really needed strong encryption and would need to have a choice of products. Lightening has yet to strike, but it is likely only a year or two away now -- maybe less. Current methods of securing data simply can not be trusted. Our methods of encryption are very strong. We do not publish our algorithms, but for your peace of mind, we include two well-known published algorithms which you may opt to use instead of or in conjunction with ours. More importantly, we have an extensible architecture that allows you to make a data package provably secure using your own code or code purchased from a trusted third party.

Over the years, we have continued to improve upon our original underlying encryption engine as a spin-off from research into what we call 'data packaging'. The holy grail of our data packaging exercise is to come up with a dramatic improvement to data compression.